Sunday, December 25, 2011

First post + style tips: animal prints

Hey, I'm Rin, some know me from here (my personal blog which I need to update, damn it!) and some just got to know me now. This is my first post on Starlike so be gentle, I'm not like Bia and Lex, I'm really awkward.
So! My first post will be about style/fashion (name it how you want) and to be more specific, about animal prints (just like the title says). I'm not an expert when it comes to fashion, but I'll try my best! ^^

I really like her outfit, it respects most of the 'rules' that wearing animal prints require.

Le 'rules':
1st rule: one print at a time (available for all prints)
- wear just ONE print at a time. Since prints stand out a lot, the best thing to do is keep the rest simple. If the upper/bottom part of the body has a print you must use one simple/plain color on the other half (usually a color that is in the print, close to it or dark).

2nd rule: wear black and white (or dark and light colors)
- if you're wearing an animal printed dress make sure your shoes and bag are black. If you're wearing other items that are animal printed it's best for the rest of the outfit to be black and/or white. You can wear a white shirt only if the pants/jacket (blazer, cardigan) is animal printed. Why black and white? It makes you and your outfit stand out more. You can use colors close to the prints, but make sure they go together well or else you'll end up looking like a real animal.

(not the best photo of GD, but he's just so derp in this one I had to! xD)

3rd rule: keep it simple
- like the 2nd rule states, wear dark/light colors with animal prints. Don't even think about mixing animal prints with other prints or else you'll end up looking like a fashion victim. Keep it simple!

4th rule: animal printed shoes
- this one is also related to black/dark colors. If you wear animal printed shoes the rest of your outfit has to be black/really dark colored. Only exception is for accessories which can be brown/gold to loosen up the outfit. 

Both Kate Moss and her assistant are wearing animal printed shoes with black outfits.

Lucy Liu's shoes are somewhat unique, but match well with her black dress.

Key thing in wearing animal prints: light and dark outfits. Black and white are not the 'only' colors that can be used, but it's best to wear these two.

Merry Christmas everyone!


BiA said...

Love this post! I'm really into animal prints lately (blame GD for that).

Rinnie said...

GD is the reason I made this post! xD
I wanted to find more pics with him wearing animal prints, but it's hard >_>
Btw Bia, I love your nail art tutorials <3

Dee said...

Oww jacheta lui GD is such a fail O.o
Dar ii ador palarioara <3
And btw, se poate purta pantofi cu animal print si daca ai o tinuta intr-o culoare naturala, nude.


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