Monday, January 30, 2012

Star shoes

(Warning! My English skills are kinda. . . well I might have mistakes)
Shoes, shoes, shoes! 
A few days ago I entered a Romanian site (thanks to the link posted by a friend on facebook) and I was amazed! Starstruck to be exact! They have shoes that most Korean artists wear.
Ah, the following can be found on a Romanian site, they ship only inside Romania, so I'm sorry for our International reads =( 
As I was saying, they ship only in Romania and the prices (to my surprise) aren't really big (well most of them). Compared to the prices in other countries (US, UK, Korea) the prices on this site are somewhat cheap, considering the fact that everything is from well-known brands, but still kinda expensive for regular/poor people (like meh! xD )

(and like in every post where we don't own the photos, credits to their owners)

Adidas - Jeremy Scott Wings 2NE1 (yes, that's what they're called)

My favorites out of all favorites! 
They cost about 115$ (that's 379 RON in Romania). And if you like the shoes, but don't dig the wings, well the wings come off.
I personally like them both ways because they're awesome.

Adidas Harland Bones (maybe the name doesn't ring a bell, but the photos will, especially for kpop fans)

The moment I was these on the site I thought about Dara. I'd definitely wear these babies. 
These are somewhat cheaper than the others, but since I posted the link to the site, you'll see for yourself all the prices :3

Adidas - Jeremy Scott Wings 1 White & Wings 1 Gold

The 2 ladies of 2NE1 wore these in the "Fire - Street Ver." MV. The white ones are really simple and classy-like, but I personally don't really like the golden ones. Even so, both pairs are really cool.

Christian Louboutin Black (don't let the name scare you too much)

They are awesome and they are to die for! And one of GD's fav brand. He's endorsing the brand so I suppose he's really fond of it. The studs are really cool and make them shoes stand out (they do the same to their owner).

Louis Vuitton - Stephen Sprouse
(sorry for the quality. . . )

Louis Vuitton is another brand that GD likes. I actually like this pair, I'm kinda fond of them. The bright neon colors make them stand out a lot.

Adidas - Jeremy Scott Flames (JS, do you come here often?)
(sorry Jonghyun, but you were too big of a derp to ruin your image)

I really love the colors. The wings don't come off and as you can notice at Taemin, they're also pretty big. Even so, I still think they're cool (and not because Taemin is wearing them), because I like most of JS's shoes.

So that ends my post. And it's past midnight and I'm craving for some coffee/cappuccino.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Timeless and Sophisticated Fashion: Lace dresses

In olden times, lace was regarded as a fabric representing high class, luxury and glamour. Radiating femininity and elegance, lace never goes out of style. As it has been a huge trend for the past few seasons (and it seems that it will remain this way for the year 2012 also), I'll show you a few lacy items I've been obsessed with really into lately, mostly dresses and blouses. They look so sophisticated and classy. Even though I don't really have where to wear them, I'd really like to own one of these babies. T.T 

(We do not own any of the following photos)

I especially like the turtleneck ones. They look so elegant.

And because I'm kpop addict, have some photos of gorgeous Korean ladies.

SNSD's Yuri wearing one lovely lace dress. 
She looks stunning.

SECRET's Hyosung


So girls, if you want to go for a romantic, delicate and feminine look, lace is the key. 
Remember, lace drives men crazy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[REVIEW] Gerovital Plant Thermo-Protective Hair Serum

I often hear how Gerovital cosmetics are so professional and how people actually trust them, without further research, because they are made from the best ingredients. Some of them are quality ones, I give you that, but if they have some good creams and cosmetics, it doesn't mean that you should blindly trust ALL of the brand's product.
I decided to talk about the Thermo-protective serum, because I also trusted the product and bought it without learning more about it. Besides, the package says they are from a line called "Plant", which means ... natural. At least until you read the ingredients.

And the first ingredient you see is... ALCOHOL! 
Now, in case you don't know how harmful alcohol can be for your hair's health, you may think this is not a big deal. In fact, many skin, body and hair products have alcohol in their composition, but not all types of alcohol are harmful, some of them are in very low concentration and they are there for the cream's texture. 
Alcohol (this type) is a drying and irritant agent in cosmetics. You can rarely use it in small quantities if you have oily skin, but even so, it's not advisable. What's getting me mad is the fact that this is a thermo-protective serum. We usually use this kind of serums before blow-drying or straighten/curling our hair. Alcohol, in combination with major heat does exactly the opposite of what the serum promises to do, and that is to PROTECT the hair.
ALSO! Besides alcohol, the product contains other harmful ingredients too, like Perfume, Linalool, Limonene.
My recommendation is: DO NOT use his serum, especially if you curl, straighten, heat blow-dry your hair. There are better alternatives on the market and reading the ingredients may save your hair.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

[REVIEW] Kallos "Argan Colour Hair Mask"

Because my hair is dyed, I need to use a mask for colored hair. So a while ago I bought the "Argan Colour Hair Mask" from Kallos Professional.

The recipient is really big (1000 ml) so I think I'll have enough for a year, or even more since my hair is short.

It wasn't expensive, kinda like 5 or 6$ (that's about 16 Ron in Romania). But the price depends from store to store so I was lucky for finding this cheap one. 

The texture is similar to hair balm and it has a nice smell (Lex said it smells like vanilla).
I'm not gonna show you how my hair looks after using it, because in pictures you can't see the difference. I can, however, tell you that it's really good, my hair looks healthier and doesn't become greasy the next day after I wash it. Plus, it's really smooth, although the color changed a bit, from plum to something a bit dark/brown, but no too much. I dyed my hair about a month ago, so the color change should've been more visible, but thanks to my lovely hair mask, it isn't.
Be careful not to aply too much mask on your hair, or else you'll have a hard time washing it out (that's probably the only ''bad part'' about it).
The instructions are on the recipient, so you don't have to worry about how to use it.

[DIY] Blotting Paper

Blotting paper refers to tiny pieces of absorbing paper that you use for wiping off the sebum off your face during the day. This way you don't have to wash your face (which is not even advisable) every time your face gets oily. Very good stuff!
A while ago I bought this pack of blotting paper from Daiso for only $2. It's not expensive, compared to other brands, but except for the cute case and green colour, there's not much to it. The quality is very low because they're a bit too slippery and don't absorb the oil that well. Meh...

(S*it my nails XD)

Okay... Today I'll tell you how to DIY YOUR OWN blotting paper, without paying $2 for low quality product. Besides, not only you will get cheaper stuff for a bigger quantity, but they'll be better also.

All you need is this...

Don't know what it is, right? How about now?

Okay, okay, I will tell you... XD It's paper toilet seat cover. Yup. The ones you put on your toilet so you won't have to touch the seat, avoiding disease and infections from other people (ew). You can find it in the hypermarkets, but I prefer... borrowing them from the restaurants or cinemas. 

I know you might think it's stealing, but hear me out. I don't use that paper because I don't sit on the toilet in public places, no matter how many layers of paper, plastic, or any other thing you might want to convince me to put on it. I just don't. I still think it's gross. In fact, I don't think many women do that, especially in Romania. So, if I borrow a few pieces of paper, it can be considered as using them. I go to the toilet, don't use the paper, instead I take it home with me. Fair, right? 
I don't encourage you to go on and steal the paper from restaurants, lol! I only borrowed this one to show you this tutorial.

All you need is the paper and a scissor. 

You cut into small pieces and... there you go. Your very own blotting paper. 

You can get at least 15 of these from one piece of toilet cover. If you do the math, 100 pcs cost me $2, but you can go on Ebay and buy 250 pcs of whole toilet covers for $5. 250 x 20 pcs of blotting paper for double the price! Madness or not?

You can store them in a zipper bag or a regular freezer bag, or a case, or anything you want and keep them in your purse all day long. And they are more absorbing than the ones I bought from Daiso!
And NO, they are NOT gross! Because you DON'T put them on the toilet, then on your face. XD

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to wear leggings!

I'm not gonna make rules/tips to follow in wearing leggings, I'll show you the "wrong way to wear leggings" and the "proper way to wear leggings". Don't let the title confuse you too much.
Recently I have spotted a lot, A LOT of girls who wear leggings the wrong way. Wearing tight leggings the wrong way means wearing leggings as pants, without anything else on the bottom half. It's kinda. . . make your own decision from the following photos.

(We do not own any of the photos shown in this post, credits to their owners)

Unless you don't want your parts to be shown to the world, I suggest you don't wear them like above, especially if you know you are a bit fluffy/chubby. People feel disgusted when they see girls wearing only leggings. I usually end up seeing at least 5/6 girls daily wearing legging like this, not only during spring, but also during winter. What the heck? Why would you wear only leggings during winter? Why? With nothing on top of them. . . it's really disgusting. You're doing it wrong, please stop.
The best way to sport leggings is by wearing shorts/skirts/long t-shirts (shirts) on top of them.
Next I'll show you a few ways of wearing leggings the proper way.

Get the point? Then wear them well.


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