Monday, January 30, 2012

Star shoes

(Warning! My English skills are kinda. . . well I might have mistakes)
Shoes, shoes, shoes! 
A few days ago I entered a Romanian site (thanks to the link posted by a friend on facebook) and I was amazed! Starstruck to be exact! They have shoes that most Korean artists wear.
Ah, the following can be found on a Romanian site, they ship only inside Romania, so I'm sorry for our International reads =( 
As I was saying, they ship only in Romania and the prices (to my surprise) aren't really big (well most of them). Compared to the prices in other countries (US, UK, Korea) the prices on this site are somewhat cheap, considering the fact that everything is from well-known brands, but still kinda expensive for regular/poor people (like meh! xD )

(and like in every post where we don't own the photos, credits to their owners)

Adidas - Jeremy Scott Wings 2NE1 (yes, that's what they're called)

My favorites out of all favorites! 
They cost about 115$ (that's 379 RON in Romania). And if you like the shoes, but don't dig the wings, well the wings come off.
I personally like them both ways because they're awesome.

Adidas Harland Bones (maybe the name doesn't ring a bell, but the photos will, especially for kpop fans)

The moment I was these on the site I thought about Dara. I'd definitely wear these babies. 
These are somewhat cheaper than the others, but since I posted the link to the site, you'll see for yourself all the prices :3

Adidas - Jeremy Scott Wings 1 White & Wings 1 Gold

The 2 ladies of 2NE1 wore these in the "Fire - Street Ver." MV. The white ones are really simple and classy-like, but I personally don't really like the golden ones. Even so, both pairs are really cool.

Christian Louboutin Black (don't let the name scare you too much)

They are awesome and they are to die for! And one of GD's fav brand. He's endorsing the brand so I suppose he's really fond of it. The studs are really cool and make them shoes stand out (they do the same to their owner).

Louis Vuitton - Stephen Sprouse
(sorry for the quality. . . )

Louis Vuitton is another brand that GD likes. I actually like this pair, I'm kinda fond of them. The bright neon colors make them stand out a lot.

Adidas - Jeremy Scott Flames (JS, do you come here often?)
(sorry Jonghyun, but you were too big of a derp to ruin your image)

I really love the colors. The wings don't come off and as you can notice at Taemin, they're also pretty big. Even so, I still think they're cool (and not because Taemin is wearing them), because I like most of JS's shoes.

So that ends my post. And it's past midnight and I'm craving for some coffee/cappuccino.

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