Sunday, January 15, 2012

[DIY] Blotting Paper

Blotting paper refers to tiny pieces of absorbing paper that you use for wiping off the sebum off your face during the day. This way you don't have to wash your face (which is not even advisable) every time your face gets oily. Very good stuff!
A while ago I bought this pack of blotting paper from Daiso for only $2. It's not expensive, compared to other brands, but except for the cute case and green colour, there's not much to it. The quality is very low because they're a bit too slippery and don't absorb the oil that well. Meh...

(S*it my nails XD)

Okay... Today I'll tell you how to DIY YOUR OWN blotting paper, without paying $2 for low quality product. Besides, not only you will get cheaper stuff for a bigger quantity, but they'll be better also.

All you need is this...

Don't know what it is, right? How about now?

Okay, okay, I will tell you... XD It's paper toilet seat cover. Yup. The ones you put on your toilet so you won't have to touch the seat, avoiding disease and infections from other people (ew). You can find it in the hypermarkets, but I prefer... borrowing them from the restaurants or cinemas. 

I know you might think it's stealing, but hear me out. I don't use that paper because I don't sit on the toilet in public places, no matter how many layers of paper, plastic, or any other thing you might want to convince me to put on it. I just don't. I still think it's gross. In fact, I don't think many women do that, especially in Romania. So, if I borrow a few pieces of paper, it can be considered as using them. I go to the toilet, don't use the paper, instead I take it home with me. Fair, right? 
I don't encourage you to go on and steal the paper from restaurants, lol! I only borrowed this one to show you this tutorial.

All you need is the paper and a scissor. 

You cut into small pieces and... there you go. Your very own blotting paper. 

You can get at least 15 of these from one piece of toilet cover. If you do the math, 100 pcs cost me $2, but you can go on Ebay and buy 250 pcs of whole toilet covers for $5. 250 x 20 pcs of blotting paper for double the price! Madness or not?

You can store them in a zipper bag or a regular freezer bag, or a case, or anything you want and keep them in your purse all day long. And they are more absorbing than the ones I bought from Daiso!
And NO, they are NOT gross! Because you DON'T put them on the toilet, then on your face. XD

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The diy blothing paper is shown in the post here. Have a look at it


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