Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Timeless and Sophisticated Fashion: Lace dresses

In olden times, lace was regarded as a fabric representing high class, luxury and glamour. Radiating femininity and elegance, lace never goes out of style. As it has been a huge trend for the past few seasons (and it seems that it will remain this way for the year 2012 also), I'll show you a few lacy items I've been obsessed with really into lately, mostly dresses and blouses. They look so sophisticated and classy. Even though I don't really have where to wear them, I'd really like to own one of these babies. T.T 

(We do not own any of the following photos)

I especially like the turtleneck ones. They look so elegant.

And because I'm kpop addict, have some photos of gorgeous Korean ladies.

SNSD's Yuri wearing one lovely lace dress. 
She looks stunning.

SECRET's Hyosung


So girls, if you want to go for a romantic, delicate and feminine look, lace is the key. 
Remember, lace drives men crazy.

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