Monday, January 2, 2012

[REVIEW] ELF Eye Primer

I never realized the importance of an eye primer until I actually bought one. Not knowing better, I trusted the e.l.f. brand and bought a cheap one that promised quality. I can say it couldn't be better. As you may know, primer is a very important part of your make-up, whether it's a natural make-up or something more extravagant. The primer basically protects your skin and helps the colour last. If that wasn't enough, it also makes the colours more intense. 
I tried two shades of primer, a skin coloured one, 7501 Sheer and a white one 7503 Pearl. I didn't know which one was better for which type of make-up, but I suppose it depends on the colour tones you're using.

I think the Sheer one blends nicely with your skin colour and it's good for natural make-up or when using warm colours. It's barely noticeable, but it's there, I can tell you that.


The Pearl is a bit shimmerish and it's noticeable. It's not very strong, so it shouldn't affect your make-up, but I think it's not that suitable for a natural or warm colours make-up as the Sheer one. That doesn't mean that if you use it for a natural look it will affect it.

And when you apply the eye-shadow you can see that the difference is huge! Look how intense and beautiful the colour looks when you use primer under it. Besides, the primer doesn't allow the colour to affect your skin that badly and it also protects from other microparticles that may penetrate your skin. 
If you need an eye primer that is not expensive and can also guarantee you the quality, I totally recommend the e.l.f. brand. 

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Vezi ca ai scris wether in loc de whether si (dupa pozele cu primu swatch pe mana) ther in loc de there. Nu da accept :P Diana

P.S.: De unde si cat? :D

Jean said...

chiar planuiam sa comand de pe elf produsul asta! :D

@Diana: la numai 8ron! :D

Dee said...

e.l.f huh? hmm trebuie sa ma holbez pe site sa vad ce-mi ofera :))

Lexie said...

ms diana, nu am mai avut timp sa corectez :P
primerul e de aici
si a fost 8 lei :D


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