Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Must-Have Item: The Motorcycle (Biker) Jacket

First! Y'all need, no, must listen to this. It's a preview to Aziatix's new song, me and Bia are totally in love with this band.
Second. . . carrying on with the post. 
As you already know (yup, the title) this post is about the one and only motorcycle jacket (or leather jacket). This item is extremely versatile and badass, but also really fun to wear because you can mix it with almost anything from skirts/dresses to high heels and skinny jeans. For me, I'd wear it with normal jeans, because I have a large waist (and butt xD), skinny jeans don't look really good on me, a plain, white t-shirt and a pair of boots, most likely army boots. Uhm, this is kinda my style :3 Oh yeah! If your body is narrow on the upper half and wide on the lower half, don't wear skinny jeans, they'll most likely make you look a bit chubby. So! If your body is like this try wearing straight-cut jeans, because they give a better form to you body. 

Going back to the jacket now. . . 

The motorcycle jacket was a really famous item in the '80, a lot of people owned one and it kinda made them look more badass. These days, the jacket made a really cool comeback as now it has a more modern feeling to it. They look great on everyone because they adapt to the body shape, but that's only if you get the right size to fit you. They're almost never out of fashion.
Since a lot of people don't really know how to choose a motorcycle jacket and just buy the first one they see, I'll give a few tips to keep in mind when you buy a jacket:

1 - make sure it fits and that it's not too lose or too tight. For this you need to check the shoulders, if the cut is too high, then the jacket is too small, but if the cut is too low, then the jacket is too big (this is something you should keep in mind everytime you buy a jacket/cardigan/blouse, basically anything with sleeves);
2 - always take someone with you when you buy a motorcycle jacket to double-check that it fits and looks good on you;
3 - the motorcycle jacket looks best when it's on the hip or just a bit higher, but not too high (that's why you need to take someone with you);
4 - they come in different colors (the modern feeling I was talking about earlier) from purple to red and white, so choose wisely and by choosing wisely I mean choose according to your wardrobe/style.
5 - lastly, a motorcycle jacket is not complete unless it has zippers, studs and other ornaments to give it that badass feel.

Now I'll show you a few ways to wearing a biker jacket. Enjoy~
(credit as tagged, we do not own the photos)

First on, baby CL. I simply love how she wears the biker jacket, because she has an edgy style and almost all of her jackets are WOW!

                           Another adorable lady that likes to wear biker jackets is Park Sandara. 
To finish off, I give you. . .cutie/hottie Taeyang.

And like I said, you can wear it with skirts/dresses too

Now if you excuse me, I got some things to do.


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